Hey Everyone!

I’m super excited to announce a brand new partnership I am making with some various partners around Vancouver Island! This new service is designed to bring together all the kinds of services that every man needs to develop themselves into that refined and suave man that is the real you!

Don’t settle for the drab stuff if you expect to have success in your life!

This is for you if…

Look the part for that promotion!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and you just don’t feel that something is right? Maybe something is missing that you have been eagerly seeking?

Nothing speaks confidence like showing up to the meeting dressed equal to, or better than your boss. If you can also back it up with the confidence to step up and own your presentations, then you’ll be next in line for that window seat down the hall that you’ve been eyeing for years.

Clients will trust you, and your colleagues will want to BE you!

Revitalize your Dating

Do you have bathroom mirror selfies?! Serious? Com’on man…

Let’s level up your game!

Nobody wants to see where you take a s&!t! I mean at least put the lid down… The sooner you can delete these images, the better!

Keeping this one short. I feel it’s obvious…

Covid Safe Dating Pictures

Ok we get it! You want to be safe when meeting in person… But in a photograph, take off the mask!!! You can’t get someone sick from showing your face! And if you can… Well… Maybe leave the mask on… But surely I tell you, that if you take off your mask, some woman out there will see you and she’ll feel that spark!

Truth be told, unless you are willing to show a bunch of quality images of yourself, someone isn’t going to know who you are if you only either have one, or you are hiding your face with either sunglasses or a covid mask.

Nobody cares if you are ‘cool’ for being compliant with covid rules. So take it off. After all, you are essentially trying to bring someone into your inner bubble. She’s got to know if she feels attraction or not.

Fish Pics

I’ll be totally honest here… 😉 The fish pics debate is hilarious.

While there are Plenty Of Fish in the sea of online dating, finding your partner that will love you for all the things you enjoy will just be the added bonus of having a partner that understands you.

But of course, if all you have is fish pics, then my good sir, you need more!

A good variety of images is required so you can get a full and rounded portrayal of who you are as a person! You need a minimum of 6 images!! ONE can be a fish. If you really choose it. Debate is out on whether it’ll work or not.


Image result for moores

Create a look worth investing in from top to bottom!

Men’s Hair & Beard styling!

Does anyone have a favorite beard and haircutting place?

Portrait session to show off the man behind the confidence!


For a limited time:

Generally this isn’t a part of my packages. If you enroll to this session before the offer expires, I will include the following:

Dating Consultant

A specialist will review and advise you about some updates and changes on your dating profile. Our knowledgeable dating consultant will ensure that it covers the best parts of your personality and traits to best highlight you as a person.

More To Come!