One of the most common worries about doing a boudoir shoot is, what will I wear?! I’m here to tell you not to worry, I’ve got you covered!

I will supply you with my absolute favorite stores where you can find fashionable styles for every body type!

If you have lots of ideas and outfits and you’re having trouble narrowing them down then we always recommend you bring a suitcase full of stuff! I know….what?! I do NOT put a limit on the amount of costume changes that you wish to do during your session.

Yes, I’m not joking! I recommend you bring lots of things when you arrive and I can help you narrow them down once you arrive for your shoot. I am often inspired by outfits you didn’t even consider!

If you leave things at home, there is always a possibility you might regret it! So I do encourage you to bring more than you need.