Once you arrive to my studio, my professional hair/makeup artist will be ready to create the perfect look for you! Professional hair/makeup services is included with all sessions, because I want you to feel pampered, glamorous, and confident going into your session with me.

I will create a variety of looks for your photoshoot, using as many of your outfit selections as you wish during the shoot, which you will be able to change into during your session.

My style trends to the dark and moody side of things. I mostly work with the ambient light I have to create the mood of the session. Sometimes that does mean your shoot is dependent on the time of day, but consistently, I make use of highlights and shadows that contour your body. I also love to incorporate high fashion in my sessions, and some of your images might make you feel as if you belong on the cover of a magazine!!

I don’t retouch much, other than light, skin blemishes, and color corrections. My goal is to have you love yourself the way you are right now, every curve and line, so I don’t morph bodies in Photoshop.

As a male photographer, I do hire female assistance, and contractors to help me during the shoot. You are in good hands, and I can’t wait for your shoot!