If you are reading this, that’s you!

I am only looking to work with regular everyday people with no photography experience!

Like all of us, we make often need a reminder of who we are on the inside as well as on the outside. Often times, confidence is only a matter of getting an experience where we can actually see what others see!

For whatever reason, you may either need a boost in sexiness, or a reminder of what makes you damn gorgeous! I really don’t do anything more than showing you what you have inside you already.

I don’t tend to edit a lot, but I do make sure that the edits that I do, are done in a natural way. I do not ‘photoshop’ my images to make you unrecognizable. So what you see, is the real you! This is the most important part!

Another important point, is that I do try to create something with my images, rather than just simply taking pictures and dumping them someplace. This work I do for you does mean something to me, and I enjoy making beautiful art.

Are you interested in taking the next step towards your transformation and making some great art pieces together? If you say ‘Hell ya!’, then send me a message, and lets set up a call to talk!